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Golden Triangle/Chiang Rai: Day 2 and Day 3

Once again combining these two days together.

(Currently Listening to Zelda Orchestrated: Ocarina of Time. every song from Ocarina. It’s awesome and great music to write to)

Day 2 of our stay at the Anantara in the Golden Triangle was supposed to be our half day mahout training. Mahout is a word that basically means elephant trainer. When you go to places where you can ride elephants, there is usually another person there, that is that elephant’s mahout. They take care of that elephant from birth, training it to know their voice and their vocal commands. This training was split up in two: From 7 -9ish, you met the elephants, you got assigned your elephant and mahout, and you basically learned how to get on and off of the elephant. They also took you on a small trek. Let me actually admit that I didn’t end up doing the training, even though I was supposed to. I was honestly a little scared, but now that I look back I highly regret it. Oh well. Then, in the afternoon, from 1 – 3, you met back with the elephants, and you rode your elephant into the water for a bath.

I guess I did really miss out, but in the end I was hanging out by the pool, so it wasn’t so bad. The view was incredible from the pool, and from our room. Chiang Rai is called the Golden Triangle because facing the Mekong River, you can see Laos and Burma. The rest of Day 2 was spent swimming in the gorgeous infinity pool, followed by drinks poolside.

I had an “Anantara Magic” which was Tequila, vodka, OJ and some other mix of juices. It was wayyy to sweet, with not enough alcohol.

Then, my dad and I decided to splurge and get Traditional Thai Massages.  It was ROUGH. They stretched my body in every way. In ways that I couldn’t bend. Though, she definitely helped my shoulder.

Day 3 was another exciting day. In the morning during breakfast, an elephant and his mahout were hangin’ out by our table. I got to feed it bananas!!! He was cute.

We then took a boat across the river Mekong, to Laos. (The Golden Triangle is composed of Thailand, Laos and Burma). on the trip, we got to actually go into Laos, to a market they had there. We didn’t have to show our passports, which was really sketchy. We got a bunch of souvenirs and stuff, then got back on the boats and traveled around viewing the jungles and fishing villages. It was so cool!!!

I got a REALLLLLY bad sunburn on my legs 😦 It hurt like hell. I had a sunburn line from where my shorts started and where my socks started. It was silly.

POOL TIME! The pool was amazing. Not only was it an infinity pool that looked over the jungles of the Golden Triangle, but it also had these really pretty designs in tile at the bottom.

yay! the next day we left early in the morning. My next blog will be all about Phuket!


Bangkok Day 3/Golden Triangle Day 1: Whirlwind of events!

I know I haven’t posted forever! I’ve been so busy, this is my first real FREE time! Here we go!!!!!

Bangkok Day 3 was basically a half day in Bangkok because we had a flight in the early evening to Chiang Rai. We got up early and went to the amazing breakfast buffet again (Sushi, Normal American breakfast food, delicious fruits, and more).  We went over to downtown Bangkok, where all the malls are located. My dad was went to go hang out with his friend at his office, while my mom, sister and I went to malls located on the Sky Walk.  The Sky Walk is a upper walkway, connected to malls all along downtown and Central Bangkok. Underneath are all the main streets, as well. If you followed the news about the Red Shirt Protests, you will know that downtown and central Bangkok is where they camped out. The Central World mall was the building that they set fire to. While we were walking near Central World, we saw bullet holes in the glass along the walkway. It was scary to think that happened only a few months ago. Then, we went into MBK, which is an 8 story mall, packed with small stores, department stores, and a market full of chachkies. We got a few souvenirs, and left to go meet up with my Dad at Siam Paragon (Fancy pants mall).

We walked around a bit more, then met up with our personal driver for the couple days we were in Bangkok, Mr.A (who was hardcore. It felt like we had a body guard or something), and he drove us over to the airport. Our flight was at 6pm on Thai Airways, only an hour flight, so it was easy.  We got met at the airport by someone from our hotel (The Anantara, for reference). It was close to a two hour drive from the airport to our hotel, but well worth the beauty.

Unfortunetly, we arrived after it was dark, so we didn’t get to see much of the beauty or the Golden Triangle, but our hotel was gorgeous. We got greeted at the front desk with lei’s of jasmine and flowers, and sweet lemongrass tea. A very nice and warm welcome.

It was a bit of a schlep up to our room, especially being hot and humid out (Even at night), but in the end they were beautiful. My only real problem was that there was no real “bathroom”. The bathroom, instead of being separated by a door, was separated by a couple sliding doors that had near-see through plastic in them. I didn’t understand, but I got over my bathroom modesty rather fast.

That’s all we did that day/night. Stay tuned for more. I know I am very far behind with blogs, but I’ve been really busy!