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Bangkok Day 1: Life Changing.

Let me say this: I will edit the last post eventually, but first I need to talk about today.

So, today was our first actual day in Bangkok (We arrived last night). We woke up, and went downstairs for our “complementary” breakfast. Which to me normally means a small amount of fruit,bread, maybe cereal, who knows…nope…here FULL buffet…tons of baked goods, amazing fruit, meats and cheese, pancakes and waffles,etc. It was awesome! I tried dragonfruit for the first time. It was yummy, kinda tasted like kiwi.

We got picked up by a van, which looked like a normal van on the outside, but was like a limo on the inside. We went to the Grand Palace and Temple first, where the famous Emerald Buddha is located. It was so breathtaking. I took a million pictures, so await those, eventually (I swear I will post pictures online! I just have limited time!) I can’t even explain how I was feeling. It was so incredible watching everyone praying and bowing towards the Buddha, it was very special.

Next, we went to Wat Pho, where the very VERY famous temple of the Reclining Buddha is located. Made of cement, and covered with gold plating, the Reclining Buddha is over 46 meters long (VERY LONG). It was breath taking, and wonderful.

After that, we walked over to a dock, which we took to take a canal ride through the back streets of Bangkok. It was very interesting, because lining the river were tons of huts were people lived. The best part, was that I didn’t feel bad, or sympathy at all. Most of these people looked, and seemed very happy as we rode by on our boat. Most people also waved and smiled at us. Just being happy, no matter where you live, no matter what possesions you might own, or not own, is beautiful.

Then, we walked through the Flower Market, and the Fruit Market. I’m sure we only got a slight taste of what everyday life in Bangkok is like, though. Tons of colored flowers lined the streets…of all sorts of flowers that I’ve never even heard of…the fruit. Tons of fruit stands scatter around. We got a Mango-stein. it was so yummy! It was kind of like an orange, but it tasted like mango. STRANGE.

We then went over to Chinatown, and walked through the crowded marketplace there. Markets are VERY popular in Bangkok. There are all sorts of goods that were sold in the Chinatown market. Fresh fish, meats, dried fruit, beans, nuts, vegetables…fresh food ready to eat, paper goods, random goods. So much to see and do, and so much to say. Honestly, talking about Bangkok is very difficult. I will eventually post pictures and as a reader, you might understand a little bit better.

Dinner was at a very fancy restaurant (That of course I can’t remember the name of right now). Pina Coladas on the rooftop, watching night fall over Bangkok. Then a nice Thai dinner (Rice, veggies, etc, all family style). Followed by a swim in the infinity pool that’s located in our hotel, overlooking the river that flows through Bangkok. After the swim, we went upstairs to the Executive Lounge (top of the hotel) and had a night cap (Margarita for me. Not much of a night cap, but it was good!)

So tired though, I am getting terrible at writing blogs, especially because i usually write them late at night.