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Amanda Palmer hugged and kissed me!

Summer is here, which means time to blog.

I haven’t blogged in forever, so let me sum up ┬áthe events that no one has missed:

-Got the apartment I wanted

-Moved in

-Moved out of the dorms

-Have a passing GPA

oh, and I met AMANDA PALMER.

Last saturday, I went to the Evelyn Evelyn concert in San Francisco, featuring Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, also Sxip Shirey. It was INCREDIBLE. The concert was AMAZING. Then, I got to meet everyone! Including AFP! She hugged and kissed me!

I cried when she went on stage!!!!

I am a dork, cause I know no one reads this, but still I want to keep it up dated. Just a place for me to rant out my feelings, thoughts and random stuff.