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The Start of an Adventure.

Tomorrow, I embark for Tokyo and Thailand.

I am so excited, I am so nervous. I don’t know what to expect. I have no expectations at all. Except to have fun. I have learned that is all I should expect. Don’t have too many expectations, then when things are bad, they won’t be as bad, and when things are good, they will be great.  I am all packed up, my plane bag, and my suitcase.

We will be in Tokyo for 4 or 5 days. Then off to Thailand for 3 or so weeks.  I will be blogging almost every night, to use it as kind of a travel journal for all the things we do, eat, see, buy, etc.

My iPod is charged, so much music. Full discographies of Talking Heads, the Beatles, Emilie Autumn, Regina Spektor, and more albums of great classic artists, and new artists that I have yet to really learn their music and art.

The trip basically goes as follows….

-Tokyo MADNESS. Seeing everything we can, in the small number of days that we have in Tokyo. (Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roponggi Hils, Nikko, etc.) LOTS OF PICTURES. Lots of video, I will post a link to my YouTube account, once I start uploading videos.

-Off to Bangkok for a few days. Seeing the sights,  staying safe (I won’t let my little sister get kidnapped). At some point we might be touring a fancy clothing company. Who knows!

-Then off to the Golden Triangle (where Thailand meets Laos and Vietnam), to do some work at an Elephant Conservatory in Chang Lai (I think thats what it’s called. Links will come later.)

-3 days there, then it’s off to Phuket. 4 days of beach. PURE BLISS.

– another 4 days in Krabi. Another beach. YES!

God, this is going to be a life changing amazing adventure.