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I would like to start a band;Recap of my EE/AFP/JW/SS experience.

And not some typical indie hipster band. That is what everyone is. Nope. Between my boyfriend and myself, we have a wide variety of  musical talents, and ideas that could make good music. Also I have theater experience and a closet full of fun things to wear.

I can play the clarinet, and I’ve taken piano lessons before, so I’m hoping to get a keyboard one of these days. He can play trumpet, and the guitar. also he can play the Kazoo, which is a great skill to have. I would like to learn how to play the guitar as well, so we can switch instruments easier.

Speaking of kazoos, I shall never use my Evelyn Evelyn kazoo’s, signed by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley.

Kazoos signed by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley

My boyfriend thought of the idea, and they are so awesome! What I’m currently trying to do, is to get a frame. From there, I want to take the puzzle pieces of the game we were playing in line that I got signed (I had an “eyebrow” match, and a “piano” match) (I got half the eyebrow signed by AFP, then half the piano signed by JW) then place them in there, with the Kazoos and the signed piece of puzzle by Sxip Shirey as well.

I can’t stop thinking about the concert. It was the best night of my life. I was pretty close to the stage (in relative terms, I could’ve been standing at the back of the room, but I was lucky enough to snag a table), and…I died! When Evelyn Evelyn came on stage, I couldn’t hold myself back. I literally started to cry.

Before this night, I didn’t know much about Jason Webley and Sxip Shirey, but I have found myself two amazing new artists to ad to my collection of awesome music.

I wanted to tell them about how passionate they are about their music, and how it really shows when they are on stage, but I was a bit too star-struck to tell them. I felt bad that everyone was passing Sxip’s spot on the autograph line.

I want to see them again so badly. The three of them just work so well together. I couldn’t go to the second SF show, because it was my mother’s birthday, but I swear, if I had money I would fly out to New York to see them.


Amanda Palmer hugged and kissed me!

Summer is here, which means time to blog.

I haven’t blogged in forever, so let me sum up  the events that no one has missed:

-Got the apartment I wanted

-Moved in

-Moved out of the dorms

-Have a passing GPA

oh, and I met AMANDA PALMER.

Last saturday, I went to the Evelyn Evelyn concert in San Francisco, featuring Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, also Sxip Shirey. It was INCREDIBLE. The concert was AMAZING. Then, I got to meet everyone! Including AFP! She hugged and kissed me!

I cried when she went on stage!!!!

I am a dork, cause I know no one reads this, but still I want to keep it up dated. Just a place for me to rant out my feelings, thoughts and random stuff.

New Idea!

So, I think I’m going to do this new thing…”Alana’s Awesome Band of the Week”. On my Pandora radio station titled “Obscure Shit” which has everything from Kate Nash, Regina Spektor and Amanda Palmer, to the Tiger Lillies, and Rasputina and more, a new band just popped up “Machine Gun Fellatio”. I’m pretty sure we were meant to be! The song was titled “(Let Me Be Your) Dirty F**king Whore”, it was amazing. So, they are my “Band of the Week”. Just really excited about them I guess. I love discovering new bands and new music.