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30 Day Picture Challenge.

I’m sure now and then I will still blog occasionally, but probably as a continuation of this 30 day thing 🙂

Because Bry and Rachel practically forced me to do this. (Not really, but I want to).

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with ten facts

I was in a fancy french restaurant in NYC!

1. Music rules my world. Playing music, being surrounded by music, listening to music. All of it.

2.  There are a lot of projects I am dying to start, but just don’t know how. I am tired of sitting around and spending my time on the internet.

3. I think I am too stupid for my family sometimes. Everyone in my family went to great schools, grad schools, or at least became something great and are doing something great with their lives. I probably won’t even get into grad school with my grades.

4.  I secretly wish I was a fashion designer. I have tons of ideas for cool outfits. Once I learn how to sew, I plan on making a lot of my own clothes, and selling clothes on Etsy. But I need to learn how to sew first.

5.  I am very antsy (hence the blog name). I always need to be moving around, travelling or keeping busy. If I stay in one place for too long, I get bored. Thank god for opportunities to get away for a lot of the weekends in the school year.

6. I have a need to be in charge and in control of most situations. Maybe it’s because I have a hard time trusting people. I also think that if I don’t take control, I will get left behind.

7.  I’ve never played D&D. I realllly realllly want to though!

8. I dwell on the past a lot, and I think about the future too much. I need to live in the NOW.

9. I like discovering “new” things. Whether it’s a new show, a new hobby, or new music.

10. I used to have negative self esteem before I moved away to college. Can I make a vow to never let me raise my kids in an area like Burlingame?


Valentine’s Day

There are many people who have many different view on Valentine’s Day.

There are those that love it, go all out on their loved one with gifts, cards, fancy dinner, etc. ; There are those that hate Valentine’s Day because they are single, and call it “Singles Awareness Day”; There are those that think it is just a stupid hallmark holiday, but still make a big deal about it; Then there are those who just…don’t care, and treat it like any other day.

I am one of those that just DON’T care. Maybe you might say “But you are in a happy long term relationship!” Yes, yes I am. And for the first 18 years of my life, including 18 valentines days, I was single. Did I care? No. It was just any another day. My mom would get my sister and I little gifts, and maybe we would go out for dinner as a family, but it was really just any other day, except everyone was either a lot more romantic, or a lot more depressed. I never let it bother me. Being single was just that. I didn’t need anyone to feel sorry for me, or to bring any extra unwanted attention to myself either.

This was my third valentines day with my boyfriend. Sure, we went out to dinner. So what? We go out to dinner at least once a week. It was just any normal night for us, really. Did we exchange gifts? Nope. We don’t need to spend any extra money on little crappy things we don’t need. I don’t need jewelery to know that my boyfriend loves me.

You know what I miss? Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school. We would decorate shoe boxes, and get valentine’s for everyone in our class that had a theme (Maybe animals, or scary movie characters, etc). Everyone would get a valentine, it was always lots of fun to open up our “mailboxes”. It was just a simple, fun time.

I’m not saying it’s not fun to be super cheesy and romantic, but when you are in a long term relationship, you don’t need all of the “show” to show off to everyone else. Hell, I would’ve had a great night if we cooked pasta and watched a movie in our pajamas.

Grocery Shopping Extravaganza!

Have you ever noticed the type of people that shop in certain stores? Well, today I’m going to write about that.

Here in lovely Humboldt County (Mainly excluding this to Arcata/Eureka area) we are limited on all kinds of shopping we can do. For groceries, if you live in Arcata, you most likely do most of your shopping at Safeway, Wildberries,  the Arcata Co-Op, or if you are lucky and get a ride, WinCo (which is located in Eureka).

Safeway is your average run of the mill grocery store. (Equivalent of Albertson’s, Lucky, Vons, Ralphs, Rays, Path Mark, etc.) Upon entering a Safeway, you will see everyone. Depending on the time of day, you get Moms and Dads with their kids, college students looking for a midnight munchie, and sometimes a bum or two. Personally, I don’t really shop at safeway, unless I need something quick (i.e. need something for a recipie) or a mixer for beverages, or whatever.

I do most of my shopping at WinCo.

This is NOT the Eureka WinCo!

For those of you that don’t know what WinCo is, it is a giant 24 hour grocery store that is located in the upper western US. The inside looks like this.

Basically a Costco JUST for food.

Winco is what I call a “shopping experience”. You can never just get in and get out. I always spend at LEAST an hour everytime I go to WinCo. Even if I know exactly what I need, and where everything is. There is always something forgotten that I need to run across the store to grab, and I always like walking through all the aisles, because I always find something that I had forgotten to put on the list.  The most fun part about WinCo? The people who shop there. Now, I might be some kind of hypocrite because I shop at WinCo, but only because it’s cheap ( Most people do for this reason). Most of the people that can be seen at the Eureka WinCo…are ,shall we say, tweakers. I say most because I know non-tweakers who shop at WinCo, but a majority of the people that you might see walking around probably just smoked crack in the bathroom. On top of that, everyone thinks it’s still 1995 and that Bill Clinton is still president.

This guy will be really pissed if you do drugs.

Not only will he be pissed, but he  if you do drugs, he will also use his garden shears to cut off your balls, if you don’t it’s his mullet. The choice is yours.

ANYWAYS, going into WinCo is like jumping into a time machine. Don’t look the children in the eyes. DON’T LOOK THEM IN THE EYES.  But they have awesome prices, so it’s always tricky going there. I never go alone. I wanted to start a site “people of winco” but as opposed to Wal-Mart being an attractive for strange freaks everywhere, it seems that just the Eureka WinCo is strange.

Next, I tackle the Arcata sector of the North Coast Co Op.

Arcata Co-Op

My boyfriend is Vegan and I am vegetarian, so we can get most of our food at WinCo, but we usually will go to the Co-Op as well. The Co-Op isn’t as expensive as Wildberries (A local, organic grocery), so this is our next best option. I like the fact that they are local, but they carry a wide variety of vegan alternative products. But, because of their “organic and local” viewpoints, instead of tweakers, we get hippies. I fit in a lot more at the Co-Op with my reusable bags than at WinCo.

The Co-Op is basically our Whole Foods/Trader Joes, but mostly cheaper because it’s a locally based shop.

We love our job! Weeeeee!!!!!

A Day in the Life

No, not the Beatles song (Great song though.)

So far this summer, THIS has been my every day schedule:

12pm: Wake up. snuggle.

12:40ish: Actually get out of bed. Walk downstairs. Sit on couch while we decide what we want to eat.

12:45: Decide that we want pancakes/pasta/Los Bagels

1: Cook food.

1:30; Enjoy that delicious food while watching a show (We just finished the whole series of Arrested Development)

2-whenever; get distracted with show. Eventually get off couch (For showers)

whenever we finish that – 6: Start to get hungry.

6pm; Eat food. Watch movies.

*Look at clock* oh it’s 2am better go to bed.

And repeat.


For the month of July (Actually June 26th is when I leave, but technically for the most part in July) I will be going to Asia. Tokyo, and Vietnam to be exact.  I am REALLY excited about this adventure. Each summer, I try to  take some kind of adventure to a foreign place. Last year, it was Alaska (not SO foreign, I know), year before it was London, etc etc. For those trips, I didn’t need to get any shots/take pills/etc. Now, I had to get Hep A shot, AND I have to take Typhoid Pills exciting…not.

So far this Summer, I have managed to do absolutely nothing.  I have no WANT to go and make obligations to events and stuff, because I am still unpacking my apartment and trying to settle in.  It’s really difficult to move from one place to another. Now I have all this boxes of random crap that I can’t do anything with.

Now I’m hungry, and going to watch Arrested Development.

I need a focus for this blog.

Weekends are busy as hell.

So, once again, it’s been awhile since I posted. Friday was my boyfriends birthday, and CCAA Basketball championships.  HSU Lady Jacks made it to the finals, but HSU men’s bball lost to CSU San Bernadino.  Then Saturday we had the Women’s game against Chico State, who we killed! So our Ladies are going up to Washington next weekend! Sunday was a crappy day, I had trouble falling asleep Saturday night, and we woke up at 10 to start working on our government project, which we worked on nonstop til 5:30. Then we watched the Oscars!

It feels weird that on Friday I will be back home in the bay area. It feels like just yesterday was winter break, and here is spring break. As much as I hate some things about this semester it is going REALLY fast! on Saturday March 13th,  the Marching Lumberjacks will be in the San Francisco St. Patty’s Day Parade. I really hope some of my friends can make it this year. It kinda sucks when they practically LIVE in SF, and not even your friends come to see you doing something you love! 😦 but whatever, still love them.

Today is a bloggy day. I will probably blog more later.


First off, haven’t really had the energy to blog, been too sick >_<. (Got a cold when I went to chico last week, but it didn’t really show up til Friday morning of this past week. blah).

Rant time. MANY things to talk/rant about.

Friday: I spent most of the day in bed. Watched the movie Amelie (which is one of my favorite movies. I’ll be making a new page someday called “Movies you MUST SEE before you die!”  Also watched a few episodes of Roseanne (My boyfriend and I have a weird obsession with the show.) Then, I played some BioShock. I used to be really scared of it, but as I keep playing it gets less scary and less scary. I’m finally in Arcadia! (NO SPOILERS!!!), then we played Rock Band 2 all night, like we did a lot last year and it brought back great memories.

Saturday: I woke up feeling good , despite being in bed the whole previous day, and went to my friends house for a clothing exchange. Only a few of us showed up, since for some reason it was really sunny and everyone else wanted to go to the beach, even though there were tsunami advisories. Whatever. So yeah, we hung out, exchanged clothes and stuff, and watched “Cheech and Chong: Up ‘N Smoke” I had never seen it. It was at least better than the stoner films that come out in this day and age.  Then, after that was the best part and life changing part: ROLLER DERBY. Since senior year of High School, my friends and I had gone almost every Saturday (during senior year and the summer that followed) to the local roller rink, to Disco Skate night. I love skating! So basically, I belong to roller derby. I need to do it. Unfortunately, to even start going to the newbie practices you have to be 21. Whatever, it’s worth the wait! Excited. It was the local teams (the Widow Makers and the North Betty Jettys) exhibition, so they played each other. It was so kick ass and awesome. It’s a chance to skate fast, wearing skimpy clothes, and kick ass at the same time. My cup of tea!

Sunday: Woke up feeling bad again, and spent the whole day in bed with my boyfriend watching movies and eating food. Good day! I also talked on the phone to one of my best friends, which was really nice.

Ok, so that was the weekend rant. NEXT rant!

People who think they are better than others because they do not drink alcohol/party/do drugs, etc. OK. I understand, there are people out there who have legit excuses to not partake in such things, and sure you don’t really need an excuse to not partake. But honestly, who ARE you to judge anyone because of what they do? It is their own choice to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or smoke crack. You, as a human being, have no right to think you are better because you don’t do so. So, someone I know just recently turned 21. She does not drink alcohol, that is her own choice and I respect her decision. But what I don’t respect is how she treats people who do drink. At dinner one night, she said “I will disown my own brother if I find out that he drinks/parties” I was shocked. How could someone DO that? Just because they get drunk every once in a while? You are going to DISOWN them? what if one day you start drinking, then you will look like a HUGE hypocrite. I had another friend awhile back who used to sit there talking about how awesome he was because he didn’t drink. I yelled at him. I told him that he was seriously being ridiculous and rude, and how does he think he is making other people feel? Just because they have a drink, or even get drunk every once in awhile?

If you don’t want to do those things, feel free, but don’t judge my friends because they do. It’s none of your business.

Feels good to get this stuff off my chest.