Valentine’s Day

There are many people who have many different view on Valentine’s Day.

There are those that love it, go all out on their loved one with gifts, cards, fancy dinner, etc. ; There are those that hate Valentine’s Day because they are single, and call it “Singles Awareness Day”; There are those that think it is just a stupid hallmark holiday, but still make a big deal about it; Then there are those who just…don’t care, and treat it like any other day.

I am one of those that just DON’T care. Maybe you might say “But you are in a happy long term relationship!” Yes, yes I am. And for the first 18 years of my life, including 18 valentines days, I was single. Did I care? No. It was just any another day. My mom would get my sister and I little gifts, and maybe we would go out for dinner as a family, but it was really just any other day, except everyone was either a lot more romantic, or a lot more depressed. I never let it bother me. Being single was just that. I didn’t need anyone to feel sorry for me, or to bring any extra unwanted attention to myself either.

This was my third valentines day with my boyfriend. Sure, we went out to dinner. So what? We go out to dinner at least once a week. It was just any normal night for us, really. Did we exchange gifts? Nope. We don’t need to spend any extra money on little crappy things we don’t need. I don’t need jewelery to know that my boyfriend loves me.

You know what I miss? Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school. We would decorate shoe boxes, and get valentine’s for everyone in our class that had a theme (Maybe animals, or scary movie characters, etc). Everyone would get a valentine, it was always lots of fun to open up our “mailboxes”. It was just a simple, fun time.

I’m not saying it’s not fun to be super cheesy and romantic, but when you are in a long term relationship, you don’t need all of the “show” to show off to everyone else. Hell, I would’ve had a great night if we cooked pasta and watched a movie in our pajamas.


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