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Post-Halloween Rant

For some, Halloween is a *special* time they can dress up like a slut, be someone they aren’t, dress crazy or whatever. For me, it’s honestly just another day. I mean, it’s “Halloween” and stuff, but I dress crazy all the time..and wear whatever I want. For me, it’s not about partying until I puke. Oh, on a side note, I dressed as Willow from Buffy for Halloween.

Alana (me) dressed as Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Pumpkins are fun for ALL of Autumn, which is why they will be mostly sitting there until Thanksgiving break. As long as the life your living makes YOU happy, that’s all that should matter. Going out to please others is a waste of space, and you should be doing what you want. Sure, I was feeling icky yesterday, so I didn’t go to the parade, but I wasn’t bummed all day…Edward and I had a Buffy Marathon, and watched Goldfinger, then I went next door and watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space (terrible movie). And that makes me HAPPY. It would just be even better if I had trick or treaters. But for some, they would have been really upset that they weren’t tagged in 10000 pictures on facebook of them looking like a slutty version of Snow White with a red party cup.

Also, the fact that Halloween is on a Sunday. I’m not trying to be a mom, and say that it’s Halloween, so everyone should go stay home instead of go out and get trashed, but school does take a priority in my mind, and I wasn’t about to leave my boyfriend at home while I went out partying because I don’t have class until 4pm.

So, does that make me a loser that I stayed home? Maybe it does, but I am well rested and not sick, as opposed to being out on the Plaza all night, which would’ve made me feel worse.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old too fast, but Halloween is more than just getting drunk. It’s about carving pumpkins and roasting seeds, and maybe staying home, and giving candy out to kids (I live on the side of town that doesn’t HAVE kids, so for now I can’t really do that) It’s REALLY also the first day growing up that felt like Autumn. It was always really warm, up until the night of Halloween. (Not here in Humboldt, but back in Burlingame). I could get into religious stuff, but I won’t.

And now for something completely different…

So, this semester has gone from calm to crazy in a matter of months. I know, it ALWAYS does, but everything has just gotten a lot more crazy. I quit my job, which I think I already talked about in previous posts, but whatever, because my life just got too hectic, and the short number of hours I was working just didn’t make it worth it.

I actually have been writing,(just not here) but it’s mostly been creative writing. I hadn’t really wrote creatively in a long time, and it feels great to be active again.  I’m writing a collaborative story with my friend Kaly. Oringally, we were with each other at school everyday when we wrote together, so it made it easy to keep everything together, but since the internetz exist, there are programs that make writing long distance easy.

First we tried email. That really didn’t work, all of our chapters got confused. Then, this time around, we decided to try Google Docs. It’s PERFECT. All you need is an account, and you can use google docs. It’s share feature makes it so you can have private documents, but still share whatever you want. I haven’t even been writing there for a long time…I’ve been so busy with school projects and house stuff, that I just don’t have time.

I’ve figured out my schedule for next semester. It’s looking good, all major classes and one GE that pretty much counts as a major class! And…no Friday classes!