Did you drink Coke when YOU were a baby?

Let me ask you something. When you were a baby, you probably didn’t drink Coca Cola out of a bottle, did you? Nope, that’s what I thought. You parents probably aren’t Child Development majors, they probably read a couple baby  books, or maybe they didn’t read baby books at all.  It is rather common knowledge that drinking soda is bad for you, no matter how old you are.

The other day in my Psychology Class, we  were talking about infant Nutrition, and my teacher mentioned something about one time, she saw a mother give her child coca cola in a bottle. I was almost shocked by this fact.  In our day and age,  people have a common knowledge about how to treat their children. Not everyone, there are still abused children, and dumb parents. I’m not saying this doesn’t exist.

So, the fact that I was so shocked by this motion  isn’t too surprising. I guess it was just an initial reaction, and once I thought about it I realized there were highly uneducated people in the world, but just because they are uneducated, doesn’t mean they don’t know that soda is bad for them and their kids. This one girl in my class was shocked at my shocked reaction, she actually got really pissed for some reason, it was strange.

In other news, the rains have started, which is a wonderful thing. I was tired of not rain. The only reason why rain is annoying, is walking to and from school in it.

I’m also trying to start a Humboldt Steampunk group of sorts.

I guess there’s not much for me to say today.


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