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Weekends are busy as hell.

So, once again, it’s been awhile since I posted. Friday was my boyfriends birthday, and CCAA Basketball championships.  HSU Lady Jacks made it to the finals, but HSU men’s bball lost to CSU San Bernadino.  Then Saturday we had the Women’s game against Chico State, who we killed! So our Ladies are going up to Washington next weekend! Sunday was a crappy day, I had trouble falling asleep Saturday night, and we woke up at 10 to start working on our government project, which we worked on nonstop til 5:30. Then we watched the Oscars!

It feels weird that on Friday I will be back home in the bay area. It feels like just yesterday was winter break, and here is spring break. As much as I hate some things about this semester it is going REALLY fast! on Saturday March 13th,  the Marching Lumberjacks will be in the San Francisco St. Patty’s Day Parade. I really hope some of my friends can make it this year. It kinda sucks when they practically LIVE in SF, and not even your friends come to see you doing something you love! 😦 but whatever, still love them.

Today is a bloggy day. I will probably blog more later.


New Idea!

So, I think I’m going to do this new thing…”Alana’s Awesome Band of the Week”. On my Pandora radio station titled “Obscure Shit” which has everything from Kate Nash, Regina Spektor and Amanda Palmer, to the Tiger Lillies, and Rasputina and more, a new band just popped up “Machine Gun Fellatio”. I’m pretty sure we were meant to be! The song was titled “(Let Me Be Your) Dirty F**king Whore”, it was amazing. So, they are my “Band of the Week”. Just really excited about them I guess. I love discovering new bands and new music.


First off, haven’t really had the energy to blog, been too sick >_<. (Got a cold when I went to chico last week, but it didn’t really show up til Friday morning of this past week. blah).

Rant time. MANY things to talk/rant about.

Friday: I spent most of the day in bed. Watched the movie Amelie (which is one of my favorite movies. I’ll be making a new page someday called “Movies you MUST SEE before you die!”  Also watched a few episodes of Roseanne (My boyfriend and I have a weird obsession with the show.) Then, I played some BioShock. I used to be really scared of it, but as I keep playing it gets less scary and less scary. I’m finally in Arcadia! (NO SPOILERS!!!), then we played Rock Band 2 all night, like we did a lot last year and it brought back great memories.

Saturday: I woke up feeling good , despite being in bed the whole previous day, and went to my friends house for a clothing exchange. Only a few of us showed up, since for some reason it was really sunny and everyone else wanted to go to the beach, even though there were tsunami advisories. Whatever. So yeah, we hung out, exchanged clothes and stuff, and watched “Cheech and Chong: Up ‘N Smoke” I had never seen it. It was at least better than the stoner films that come out in this day and age.  Then, after that was the best part and life changing part: ROLLER DERBY. Since senior year of High School, my friends and I had gone almost every Saturday (during senior year and the summer that followed) to the local roller rink, to Disco Skate night. I love skating! So basically, I belong to roller derby. I need to do it. Unfortunately, to even start going to the newbie practices you have to be 21. Whatever, it’s worth the wait! Excited. It was the local teams (the Widow Makers and the North Betty Jettys) exhibition, so they played each other. It was so kick ass and awesome. It’s a chance to skate fast, wearing skimpy clothes, and kick ass at the same time. My cup of tea!

Sunday: Woke up feeling bad again, and spent the whole day in bed with my boyfriend watching movies and eating food. Good day! I also talked on the phone to one of my best friends, which was really nice.

Ok, so that was the weekend rant. NEXT rant!

People who think they are better than others because they do not drink alcohol/party/do drugs, etc. OK. I understand, there are people out there who have legit excuses to not partake in such things, and sure you don’t really need an excuse to not partake. But honestly, who ARE you to judge anyone because of what they do? It is their own choice to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or smoke crack. You, as a human being, have no right to think you are better because you don’t do so. So, someone I know just recently turned 21. She does not drink alcohol, that is her own choice and I respect her decision. But what I don’t respect is how she treats people who do drink. At dinner one night, she said “I will disown my own brother if I find out that he drinks/parties” I was shocked. How could someone DO that? Just because they get drunk every once in a while? You are going to DISOWN them? what if one day you start drinking, then you will look like a HUGE hypocrite. I had another friend awhile back who used to sit there talking about how awesome he was because he didn’t drink. I yelled at him. I told him that he was seriously being ridiculous and rude, and how does he think he is making other people feel? Just because they have a drink, or even get drunk every once in awhile?

If you don’t want to do those things, feel free, but don’t judge my friends because they do. It’s none of your business.

Feels good to get this stuff off my chest.