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Ok, I’m tired of the name of my blog.

I’ve decided now that the name of my blog is SUPER lame. So, anyways, life. Work today was much better than work on Tuesday. Breakfast grill….raaaaaa…..

It is finally Thursday, which means tomorrow is friday. WOOT.

So last night, instead of blogging, I spent my time searching for fun stores to go to while I am in Tokyo. I will only be there for 5 or so days, but still that is better than nothing. I want everything, lets put it that way. If I could afford to shop at places like Angelic Pretty, and ESPECIALLY Alice and the Pirates, I would, but I can’t, so instead I found out about this store called BodyLine, which is a gothic lolita knockoff store on Takeshita Dori. (Takeshita Dori is basically the AWESOME fashion street in Tokyo, where a lot of the subcultures meet up on one).

I found this site : Which makes me super super happy, because it’s the best site of pictures that I have found so far.  I CAN’T WAIT.  Bahhhhh. I will want to buy EVERYTHING. I swear, everything. I want tights, clothes, underwear, silly crap that I will never use…!!!!

So this is the first insight that you will have of my “subculture fashion/lifestyle obsession.” I use the term obsession LIGHTLY, because what I have is wayyy stronger than that.  Whether it’s ANYTHING weird from Japan (Gothic Lolita, Fruits, etc.), Steampunk, Pirate, ugh I want it all.

/end rant.


Spring Cleaning.

So this weekend was really epic. So much glory was had. At Stanislaus AND Chico their women beat ours, but our men pulled through at the end and won both games. I discovered that the 299 from Redding to Arcata is HELL ON EARTH for people who get carsick. I even took medicine, but it didn’t help.

We got back to campus yesterday afternoon, and I spent the afternoon watching season 2 of Roseanne and Nightmare on Elm Street part 4: Dream Masters. Today is an average day, but my room is nasty, so I am going to clean up. This Saturday, there is an exchange party at my friends house, so I’m also going to go through my closet and see what I don’t want anymore.

This JUST In: The pumpkin sitting on top of my desk FINALLY started to rot while I was away this weekend! left nasty mold on the top of my shelves on my desk. Eww. Don’t really know how we will go about cleaning that up.

So I like this blogging thing. A lot! Once I clean my room and do all my laundry, I will hopefully be able to work on that blanket project. yay!


Tonight, I will be headed to Modesto, CA for a basketball game, HSU v. Stanislaus, then on Saturday over to Chico, for HSU v. Chico.


Embarking on a project voyage!

So, last night I was thinking about how much time I spend on the internet, not really even doing anything. Just browsing facebook or other sites. That’s when I realized if I give myself some kind of project to work on, I will spend less time on the internet. For my first project, I already have the materials. A yard of music note fuzzy blanket fabric, and a yard of magic mushroom fuzzy fabric. I’m going to put both pieces together and create a two sided blanket! I’m going to be doing the fringe style, so it should be RATHER easy, if I can just find the time. As of now, I don’t REALLY spend all that much time online. Between work, class, school and band, I don’t have much time for anything else except later at night, or between classes.

Big Brother is watching…

Ugh. So now I’m in this “1984” state of mind after tearing the book apart for my Political Science class. My teacher is NUTS. Instead of going over the project details, or really anything about / relevant to the class, he lectures about the most random stuff. His first lecture was about who gets the extra seats in the class, and proceeded to rant on about Freshman should get priority over seniors because the seniors are stupid for taking the class so late…blah.

Work today SUCKED, regardless of what I said in my blog last night. I actually enjoy making breakfast burritos, but today I had to do breakfast biscuits, and the girl who was “training” me was off work before she could finish explaining to me how to make them, and no one would help me. It sucked, but alas, I was getting paid no matter what and a job is a job…

On another note, though, I am looking forward to this weekend. The Marching Lumberjacks will be at CSU Stanislaus and CSU Chico for basketball games, and basketball is kick ass, especially our Men and Woman’s team here at HSU.

I like blogging. Maybe I will blog more later tonight.

For now, off to finish my stupid project.

Yes, that IS the title of my blog.

I can’t really think of a good title right now, but I kind of like the title I have…funny. I’ve tried blogging many times before, and failed because I just lost track of it. But, I am going to make an effort to try and blog every day. Maybe once a day, maybe more. Who knows. I don’t even think people will READ this, but I don’t care.

Basically, what I’m going to do with this blog, is tell you everything I do.  Whether I learned how to do something, or just had a blah day.

I am a busy college student though, so I don’t know if I will achieve my “goal”. My goal is to spend less time on facebook. More time teaching myself how to do fun things like crochet, knit, etc.

Tomorrow, I will update the “About” page with all kinds of fun facts about me. As of now though, I am running off of an energy drink I drank  at 5pm, a shot of espresso, and Ruffle chips. I have a huge project due on Wednesday, which I managed to put off for 4 weeks, I got most of it done, leaving the rest for tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is what I call my “Day from Hell, part 1”.  Here is as it goes:

7:30-8:30am Wake up, Shower/wash up,Finish up any homework I haven’t completed.

9am – 10:30am Make a shit-load of Breakfast Burritos for hungry students passing through the Depot.

10:30am – 11am Prepare for lunch grill. There are two sides to lunch grill: Wraps (Where breakfast burritos are made in the morning), and Jack’s Grill (Burgers, fries, made and ready to go). Even though on my schedule I’m down for “Grill”, it includes both sides, I usually work at Jack’s grill making burgers.

11am – 1pm Make lots of food for people. Usually end up getting really stressed out because of Lunch Rush.

1pm-2pm Rest time, finally off work , time to eat.

2pm – 3:20pm Psych Stats Class. HELL.

3:30pm – 8pm Band stuff.

The rest is history. Ok, I dragged on for too long about my silly schedule.

Good night world, see you tomorrow.